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A unique way for anyone to access digital modeling and personalized fabrication

Occasionally, a component will break that is either no longer supported by the original manufacturer or the manufacturer only provides as part of a larger assembly. Similarly, you may have a unique need to create a new part that doesn't exist yet. At Lionfish, we can help you to recreate that damaged part or to make your idea a reality.


Using existing parts or measurements provided by you, we work with you to build a 3D digital model of the component and identify specifications. Once you've approved the design, we engage with our certified manufactures to produce your part and ship directly to you. 

Our service allows you to fabricate single or small batch parts, convert a plastic part to metal, strengthen your existing components, or maintain your discontinued items.  

We are open to all projects. Contact us for a free consultation to get started.


Get a part specifically for your needs


Manufacturing processes such as:

Additive (3D Printing)

6 Axis CNC

Photochemical Machining

And more


Improve your existing parts by producing a new component of different material to improve strength or corrosion resistance


Have a different need? Set up a call to see if we can help!

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